Distraught Protector Library

Disables loading MIX, ASI, M3D, FLT, etc. files that you don't need by hooking Miles Sound System's provider library loader.

How to enable files to be loaded by Miles Sound System: DistraughtProtector::AddAllowedMilesProviderLibrary(fileName, fileSize);
How to create a callback and get notified when the user tries to load a dangerous file:
Create the callback function like this: static void _stdcall HackerDetected(const char* blockedFile) { MessageBox(NULL, blockedFile, ApplicationStringTable_GetStringz(IDS_APP_NAME, "APP_NAME"), MB_ICONSTOP); } Tell the library what function to call: DistraughtProtector::SetFileBlockedCallback(&HackerDetected);

Don't forget to Destroy the library at the end of the WinMain function: DistraughtProtector::Destroy();